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Kenny Burns & Rob Hill Sr tour – #LLL

Kenny Burns & Rob Hill Sr tour – #LLL

Photography and Video by: Charles Andre Thomas 

It’s winter in Chicago; the time is 6:50 pm in the auditorium of the Harold Washington Cultural Center on M.L.K Drive. The seats in the auditorium began to fill up instantly and despite the frigid temperatures outside, Chicagoans came to witness two dreamers; both on stage together for the first of many times. As I glanced at the stage, I saw two…

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Green Smoothie Love

I’ve been rocking with smoothies for a few months now, when I purchased my NutriBullet I became a little obsessed with making smoothies.While cruising Pinterest for recipes I discovered “Simple Green Smoothies”.This site pretty much is a crash course for making the healthiest smoothies ever and home of the “Green Smoothie Challenge”. I was instantly drawn in by the simplicity of the site and i’m…

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Winter Skin Care Tips!

Winter Skin Care Tips!

Treating skin in cold climates..

Whether you live in the Midwest, the North, or some southern climates, winter weather, even when it’s mild, brings a noticeable change to your skin. It’s not the winter temperatures that cause your skin to feel dry and chapped; it’s the lack of available moisture in winter air that really makes your skin scream for hydration. And while you may be very dedicated to…

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MIRROR GAMES - By Petey Wheatstraw

MIRROR GAMES – By Petey Wheatstraw


Takes us into the private room of a model who shows off her high fashion posing skills in the mirror.  This KISS Magazine Exclusive is light hearted, raw fashion with a twist.. one model two looks great poses.

Images by:  Petey Wheatstraw






KISS Magazine Exclusive - Mirror Games





Photographer:  Petey Wheatstraw

MUA & HAIR:  Jessica Fierro
Model:                Antonia Kastilahn
Clothing :           Anessa

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